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Monetizing Your Database With Transactional SMS

Are you having a database with you and want to send a promotional SMS to them? The right support can be achieved, when you have a bulk SMS India provider with you. They are going to give you the earnest support in all forms. Check out the service support they can provide you with.

You can upload the database in the CSV format to the dashboard and send bulk SMS repeatedly. There is no obligation in that, but you will have to select the right support provider to find the positive support for you. The right service provider can give you any feedback directly at your dashboard.

You can send SMS using PHP to all your customers and even can communicate with them through long codes. This support is also available with only few service providers. So, check the main features of a service provider for that.

The next thing that you can get through is the transaction SMS. This is the SMS, through which you can send invoices and other financial details to your clients and customers. There are only some transactional SMS provider that helps you with this facility.

The best features of the bulk SMS are not limited to this place. You will have to get through the different other aspects, and one of them is the Shortcodes. They are meant for the discount and offer messages. Use your database for the perfect float of money in your business, with above-mentioned things.

Importance of bulk SMS services In Event Management

The utilization of bulk SMS in promotion makes for a comfort undertaking in organizations which are dealing with event management. It is a savvy approach for promotion of products as well as services in the market. It spares huge amount of cash as well as the precious time of the companies involved in event management.

Basis of success

Many organizations totally rely upon the promoting of a product to earn profit from it. They spend a considerable measure on T.V advertisements, printing of leaflets and radio advertisements, etc. But all of these systems take a lot of time and cash. However, bulk SMS services overcome these restrictions and make work all the more simple and quick.


How does it help?

Transactional SMS for event management are secure and can be sent to a huge number of the audience within a short span of time. Through bulk SMS, you can keep your old clients updated about your recent products and can even target new and potential clients. Transactional SMS makes a mark by reaching each and every individual thus adding to your business reputation.

With the assistance of SMS WordPress plugin, event management organizations can send loads of data on new item dispatch, new occasions, new offers and services of any organization in the market. They can likewise send vital data to your representative, sponsors of the event merchants and clients.

These services are extremely reliable and guarantee good promotion. Thus take the help of transactional SMS, to make an event, a grand success.

Choose the Right Programming Interface For Better Results

SMS API gateway providers are those who provide the programming interface required for sending of SMSs to individuals. API use can vary depending on the type of programming language involved. Thus, it is very important to choose the right programming interface to get better results.

An API for a procedural language would primarily consist of basic routines to execute code, manipulate data, or handle errors, while an API for an object oriented language. An API can be used by an SMS service provider as well.

Programming interface utilization can shift contingent upon the kind of programming dialect included.

Choose the programming interface which suits your work the most. There are various sorts of APIs such as remote API, web API, etc.

Remote APIs permit the developers to make use of remote resources by setting up of specific standards.

Web APIs are programming interfaces with the help of which there are interactions between a particular enterprise and the applications used by it.

A programming interface for a procedural dialect could fundamentally comprise of essential schedules to execute code, control information, or handle blunders, while a programming interface for a dialect which is object oriented, for example, Java would give a particularity of classes and their class techniques.

A programming interface is typically identified with a product library of an SMS service provider.

The Java SMS API for XML informing empowers disseminated programming applications to convey messages utilizing XML. Thus, it is very important to choose the right programming interface in order to get success.

Send SMS from Excel to speed up the process

Even though Excel is popularly used amongst organizations and businesses worldwide, only a few businesses realize that with the use of simple plugin they can combine their Excel spreadsheets with their bulk SMS gateway.

Who all can use bulk SMS Excel plugin?


In general, anyone can send SMS from Excel using a simple plugin, however some of the most common organizations and businesses that can benefit from this plugin include professionals that seriously rely on Spreadsheet apps and need to communicate regularly with their customers. For example, a bookkeeping manager can send out SMS alerts to remind customers to submit their VAT return. An account can send out text messages to remind about due payments. And with 2 way messaging, the customer can reply the account that he has made the payment.

Real estate agents and HR consultancies or recruitment companies are also likely to enjoy the advantages of these combined apps. After all, their job is to promote properties and potential candidates seeking new job opportunities. Usually, they have to send property or job details to people urgently, as quick follow-up action may be required. By bulk messaging, the professional’s message will be sent instantly, yet discreetly and can be read really fast as compared to email.     

These above mentioned organizations and businesses can also use WordPress SMS Plugin if their website is built on WordPress to send messages fast enough without any hassle or switching between various apps. You have to contact your bulk SMS gateway provider to get the required plugin.  

Reasons to use bulk SMS solutions for promoting your services and products

Bulk SMS gateway API is gaining tremendous popularity as the best technique to promote your services and products. But, despite all the popularity, there are people who are still confused that whether or not to use SMS API to send information to clients.
If you are also not sure about using text messaging then here are a few reasons why it is best technology for marketing today.

Considerably less time consuming as compared to voice calls

Without a doubt sending information through voice calls is a very time-consuming job, and people not always welcome marketing and promotional calls. SMS, on the other hand allow the brands to explain the key features of its services and products in an easier and convenient way.

Text messages are not annoying or irritating

The consumer definitely has a reason to get annoyed when receiving messages while driving or in office. Text messages have this amazing feature of not disturbing the consumers as it silently lands up in the inbox of the recipient. The recipient can read the text at their convenience.

Sending SMS using best bulk SMS service provider

Bulk messages are sent through a specially designed system that allows sender to send thousands of messages at once. So it is convenient.

Quicker and economical

Business bulk SMS service allows you to deliver your messages to millions of recipients across the globe at pocket-friendly rates and in just few minutes of time.

If your business requires you to stay in touch with your customers or you aim to reach out to wider targeted audience then you will find bulk SMS of huge help.

Boost your business with best bulk SMS service

With the constantly growing competition in the business world, today it is very critical to have effective marketing strategies that offer a competitive edge. Simultaneously, the advent of mobile technology and the boost in the telecom industry has made it possible for almost all your customers and targeted customers to own a mobile phone.

These factors have made it essential to include bulk messaging in your marketing plan. Bulk SMS gateway providers with their efficient services help you boost your business.

Engage with targeted customers

With bulk messaging you can constantly engage with valuable clients and attract them back to your services or products.

Bulk SMS service improves communication because the receiver is bound to read the text later if not immediately.


Time saving and cost effective

Sending out bulk messages is not just time saving, but it is also cost effective, because here you don’t need designing team or printing services.

As the system is web based, it is also cost-effective to get in touch with the targeted audience.


You can further decrease cost of bulk SMS services by using bulk SMS API. You can find suitable bulk SMS HTTP API or Java or PHP API. There is also no maintenance price for the investment.

Credibility in meeting marketing objective

As compared to mass email, bulk SMS has more credibility. Also, mass email has high chances of going into the receiver’s spam.

Bulk messaging makes it easy for brands to send out information about new marketing campaigns, discount offers and even invitations to launch events. So, find the best bulk SMS service provider now to boost your service.

Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway to Send SMS in Bulk

Let’s start by knowing why a transactional route or gateway is required. If your text messages are transactional in nature, i.e., informing your large number of customers regarding alerts, transactional information, confirmation of orders or one time passwords, then a bulk transactional SMS gateway is essential to send the text messages with no considerations to DND registry or time of the day.

The other type of text messages is known as promotional messages. And, it is significant to note that promotional messages can only be delivered by using promotional route or gateway to non-DND numbers as well as opt-in customers only between 9AM to 9PM.
Features of bulk transactional SMS gateway and customer categories that can use the service:

  • Text messages that communicate details about a direct transaction completed by your customers on a service or product and are requested by the customer or end user
  • Service messages such as bank notifications, railway, airline, and bus ticket booking or reservation detail
  • SMS sent by e-commerce companies in reply to e-commerce transactions done by their customers
  • There is neither DND nor time limitation in sending transactional SMS, i.e., messages can be delivered 24x7 even to DND mobile numbers.
  • Transactional SMS can only be delivered from accounts fixed as transactional accounts, which are allocated to pre-monitored sender ID.

Methods of getting a transactional route

For transactional route, you will have to submit legal security forms, and the permission letter for the sender ID printed on your organization’s letterhead. After the confirmation of documents, the account will be changed to transactional within twenty four hours.
As for penalization, there are not many methods around, for abuse of transactional route because the messages can be delivered only on a permitted template. In any case, if the user is found breaking the law, there will be a monetary penalty obligated according to TRAI norms.

Lastly, if you want more details related to transactional route or business mobile text messaging, then you may try MSG91 Bulk SMS API provider as it is one of the best gateway service providers in India and provides secure transactional as well as promotional routes to clients.