Methods to reach customers quickly through SMS

Keeping customers always happy is the main target of any business and the only method to get nearer to them is to be in continuous touch with them. This will make your brand well-established in their intellect and they will always come to your organization over your competitors. Now, there is a quicker method of staying in touch with customers that is to deliver SMS.

There are various methods by which you may send bulk SMS. You can send it via your computer system; else you can send it via email or a website that provides these facilities for viewers. Also, 2FA is a method to authenticate users via bulk SMS.

If you choose to send the SMS to your customer's mobile devices from your PC, you need to fix the system so that it can send these SMSs using a list that embraces customer phone number details. This can be accomplished by setting up proper software that allows SMS broadcasting via PC. SMS using Java is the best example of sending SMS via a system.

If you do not want to employ any software, you can choose email SMS, which allows you to send SMS from your mailing software within seconds. There is no requirement of installing any particular SMS sending software to get this procedure all the way through. You can stack your email software and send the SMS via it to all the mobile number you feel needing the SMS.

Increasing Your Business by Using Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS is considered as one of the most prominent methods for innovative ventures or businesses. It is a direct method to go to audience without any stress of being misplaced in spam. If you are involved in increasing any business, then appropriate advertisement is essential. SMS marketing offers a platform for such advertisement and has become a significant resource for marketing. Due to the beginning of popularity of cell phones and its accessibility to every individual, they have made ads simpler for businesses. It is a kind of service that is proven to be highly advantageous for marketing companies.

The best advantage of bulk SMS is that you can deliver quick SMSs to a large number of mobile phone users. Bulk SMS service in India is very useful. These days, you would not find individuals who do not use a mobile phone. In this way, using plan of action to bulk SMS administration you can communicate your SMS to a large number of your targeted customers.

In bulk SMS, you do not require finding out the SMS in your transferable and after that send it to the normal population. As an alternative you can use a PC to get the SMS written and delivered to your list. This is the cause a big number of organizations with worldwide existence are using this system to show their product or advantages. Different SMS APIs like Java SMS API, PHP SMS API, etc., also helps you in successful business promotion and increasing your business.

Contact Form 7- An Effective WordPress Contact Form Plugin

If you are looking to append a contact form to your WordPress website, Contact Form 7 plugin is added on various lists of optional WordPress plugins, so will probably be one of the primary solutions you will run into throughout your research.

However, with different contact form plugins present, is Contact Form 7 the most excellent option for your website? Let us have a look at what this plugin can perform, how it works, and how simple it is to use.

Contact Form 7 plugin is one of the free and very popular WordPress contact form plugins. As per the WordPress Plugin Directory statistics, it has been actively set up on many websites. As well as being the most broadly employed contact form solution in the representative plugin directory, it also has a very good user rating. In brief, when it comes to appending a free contact form to a WordPress website, it is about the most tried-and-tested alternative. It also offers an ability to check form submissions with Google Analytics, send data from Google Sheet, etc.

Separately from being complimentary to use, it is many people’s key requisite, and having a quite positive rating from users, one of the best causes to select Contact Form 7 is how fast you can get an innovative contact form up and going well. Not like some other well-liked and free WordPress form plugins, a convenient contact form is involuntarily added to your website right away after activation.

Personalize E-commerce with Magento SMS Integration

To ease your customers with the service of SMS combination, Magento SMS integration extension is employed. At any time for any new event associated with the order occurrences, this integration extension alerts the admin as well as the client through SMS so that order details can be checked.

Key features:

Helps the management to keep linked with their customers.

Alerts the customer when the new order is to be found.

Alerts the customer when the order status gets modified.

Alerts the customer and the administrator when the customer signs up effectively.

This integration extension is used to deliver SMS to the customer and administrator by making use of the gateway.

Features Offered to Customer:

When any customer signs up effectively, SMS is delivered to them.

When any customer buys the product and puts order, SMS is sent to them.

When the customer abandons order, SMS is delivered to them.

SMS is delivered to the customer when the order is accounted.

SMS is sent to customer when the order is sent.

Administrator and customers stay linked by using this addon.

Features Offered to Administrator:
When a new customer signs up then administrator get alerted by SMS.
When any order is put, the admin gets text alert.
When the payment for an order is established and order position is changed, the admin gets alert by SMS.

Some other methods of sending SMS are also available such as sending SMS using Java, PHP, HTTP API, bulk SMS API, etc.

Contact Form 7 Plugin- The most popular WordPress Plugin

Any Website, Blog or service is not complete without including a contact form. A contact form or page is essentially, where your viewers can contact you. When we talk about WordPress, there are different contact form WordPress plugins and one of the easiest is Contact form 7 plugin. This plugin is like copy, paste, activate and ready to use plugin. This plugin is a WordPress Email form plugin that is helpful to append contact form on WordPress contact page.

If you are having a WordPress website, whether it is a blog or a fixed website, a contact form is a helpful addition to the website. In place of asking your viewers to communicate you through mail, you can give a contact form page and inquire your users to provide feedback or send queries through form.

WordPress contact form 7 plugin comes with different contact form alternatives and you can insert extra field, for instance if you require getting phone number of the sender, then you can insert one more field into your contact form without difficulty. Also, you can post data from Google sheets.

The Contact Form 7 plugin is yet one more form plugin, but its most important feature is that it is very simple to employ. Some of its essential features that make it a clear winner are:

  • Overall customizability via easy mark-up
  • Simple line and various alternatives
  • Helpful and complete credentials
  • AJAX compliance
  • Deference reaches to mailbox


WHMCS SMS Plugin to Send Real-time Notifications to Customers

You can provide the best online service experience to your present and prospective customers by keeping in contact with them, keeping them well-versed at each feasible step. The WHMCS SMS plugin is produced with the sole aim of keeping your clients notified, thus appending value to your customer relationship letting you to administer your online business, customer management, billing and hold up functionality.
Being one of the more popular and inclusive web hosting automation solution, there is no revelation that world’s topmost brands are regularly incorporated with WHMCS. The complete billing and support solution is preferred between web hosts and developers.
If you are a most important online web store owner or want to start your ecommerce journey, you might want to think about WHMCS, exclusively for it being all-in-one customer management, support and billing solution for different online businesses. Dealing with everything from registration to termination, WHMCS is an authoritative business automation tool that puts you definitely in control.
And, to provide the best e-commerce experience to your present and prospective customers you require staying in touch with them, keeping them well-versed at each feasible step. And, this is why WHMCS SMS plugin offers you the power and elasticity to stay linked with your customers by delivering them an SMS at those essential steps that matters a lot.

Rather than this, send data from Google sheet is a method, which you may use to deliver client details from Google sheet.

Why SMS is More Successful Method of Communicating with Customers


SMS is one of the quickest growing and most pioneering methods to reach a broader audience. A simple SMS can start conversation, persuade recipients to take action and finally lead to more business.

Here are a few causes why SMS is the more successful method to interact with your customers:


Customers can be reached almost everywhere, offered service coverage consents, in the vicinity or even internationally. In addition, an SMS lands directly in the hands of the end user not like many optional methods which generally get lost in the messy world of advertising. SMS plugin such as WordPress SMS plugin, bulk SMS plugin, etc., help you in getting a wider reach.


The cost of interacting through SMS is far less than any option. SMS campaigns provide a large amount of flexibility in cost, and can be modified to any budget with a definite success rate.

Customer Engagement

Two-way SMS lets you interact on one-on-one basis with your customers, bringing in engagement by letting an end user to partake in a dialogue with a trade name.


Current customer databases let marketers to target customers based on particular demographics or other related customer details. This makes marketers to interact using customized and appropriate material.

This can also be done via different platforms like web to SMS, e-mail to SMS or by controlling your present in-house platforms that allow SMS to be used in a more incorporated and programmed way.