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Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway to Send SMS in Bulk

Let’s start by knowing why a transactional route or gateway is required. If your text messages are transactional in nature, i.e., informing your large number of customers regarding alerts, transactional information, confirmation of orders or one time passwords, then a bulk transactional SMS gateway is essential to send the text messages with no considerations to DND registry or time of the day.

The other type of text messages is known as promotional messages. And, it is significant to note that promotional messages can only be delivered by using promotional route or gateway to non-DND numbers as well as opt-in customers only between 9AM to 9PM.
Features of bulk transactional SMS gateway and customer categories that can use the service:

  • Text messages that communicate details about a direct transaction completed by your customers on a service or product and are requested by the customer or end user
  • Service messages such as bank notifications, railway, airline, and bus ticket booking or reservation detail
  • SMS sent by e-commerce companies in reply to e-commerce transactions done by their customers
  • There is neither DND nor time limitation in sending transactional SMS, i.e., messages can be delivered 24x7 even to DND mobile numbers.
  • Transactional SMS can only be delivered from accounts fixed as transactional accounts, which are allocated to pre-monitored sender ID.

Methods of getting a transactional route

For transactional route, you will have to submit legal security forms, and the permission letter for the sender ID printed on your organization’s letterhead. After the confirmation of documents, the account will be changed to transactional within twenty four hours.
As for penalization, there are not many methods around, for abuse of transactional route because the messages can be delivered only on a permitted template. In any case, if the user is found breaking the law, there will be a monetary penalty obligated according to TRAI norms.

Lastly, if you want more details related to transactional route or business mobile text messaging, then you may try MSG91 Bulk SMS API provider as it is one of the best gateway service providers in India and provides secure transactional as well as promotional routes to clients.

Cheap Bulk SMS API Provider for Your Business

API stands for application programming interface. It is a language used by application program to interact with an operating system or a control program. It offers a link between the application and the operating system of the computer so that the computer will do the tasks required for that specific program to work. An API has a set of procedures and tools that are used in developing a software application. With a high quality API to use, it will be very simple to develop a computer program. Apart from it, the power of using cheap bulk SMS API provider can assist you communicate with your clients easily.

APIs are generally for programmers. In case of Microsoft Windows, which is an operating system, it has an API that computer programmers use to develop applications that are well-matched with it. However, the API can be used by computer users, there are different kinds of APIs also available like PHP SMS API, bulk SMS Java API, etc. Thus, it can be sure that all your computer programs run by a normal API making it simpler to navigate due to similar interfaces.

Bulk SMS Gateway API is very expedient to use. It is problem free to send bulk text messages when you are connected to your PC looking into computer matters. You will no more have to attend your phone because your text SMS will appear on the screen of your computer. It is also better than using text messaging software as you no more have to find the way between windows to read and reply to your messages. You just have to click on the text notification of that specific program you are working with.

So, with the help of cheap bulk SMS API solutions, you can also build and integrate programs with text messaging, create personalized SMS campaigns, and send text messages all you like.

Transaction SMS- The Best Way to Stay Connected With Your Customers

Transaction SMS is used for sending notification SMS to the receiver. Marketing content in this type of SMS is sternly prohibited through Transaction SMS. These are used to send alerts to people regarding service which they have already used. Examples of transaction SMS are Stores, Banks, and Schools that send you billing details or Transactional information.

Transactional or transaction SMS specifications:

» 6 characters sender ID
» 24x7 quick SMS delivery
» Quick SMS delivery reports
» Send bulk SMS in English, Hindi or regional languages
» Schedule Bulk SMS for prospect
» SMS delivery on DND numbers as well

Transactional message indicates:

  • Information delivered to its customers by the Bank, Financial organization, or credit card company
  • Information provided by Airlines or Indian Railways or its official agencies to its passengers related to travel timetable, reservation and ticket booking
  • Information sent from a registered educational institute to parents of its students
  • Information given by e-commerce companies in response to e-commerce transactions done by their customers
  • Information provided by an organization or a firm or depository member, registered with SEBI, IRDA, AMFI, or NCDEX
  • Information given by a registered firm to its employees, agents, or its customers regarding services or goods to be sent to such customers

Transactional SMS Gateway API will be provided only to:

  • Registered organizations
  • Registered Banks and Financial Organization
  • Insurance firm
  • Credit card company
  • Registered educational institutes
  • Airlines and railway
  • Stock market notifications (only to registered customers)
  • E-commerce website sending replies to e-commerce transactions done by their customers

Therefore, transactional or transaction SMS are generally used for delivering informational messages, and by sending these messages, you can stay connected with your customers every time. You can send SMS to any number including Do Not Disturb (DND) and Non-DND any time with six characters Sender ID.

Know About Send SMS API & Gateway to Enhance Your SMS Campaign

Several business owners have a mentality that sending SMS from computer is not very successful and offer very less results that are completely not correct, but in fact sending SMS from computer is the most affordable and successful method to promote any business these days.

There are various SMS service providers offering bulk SMS service in the nearby area, but to select the best one is little difficult. Any SMS from computer or text from computer service provider uses send SMS API , text messaging software, and SMS gateways to send thousands of messages in very less time.

SMS gateway is a portal on the Internet that can be used to send messages in large quantity and messages sent using this gateway are likely to be the regular messages by mobiles and recipients cannot find out that this particular message is a text sent from computer. Every SMS service provider offers SMS gateway for their bulk SMS services and generally the cost linked to get such type of service is very less.

You can send SMS using SMS API PHP or SMS application programming interface, which is a significant thing to understand. We all understand that different service providers use different type of technology to work on their telecommunication services. SMS API plays an imperative role to exchange messages in accordance to every technology and makes sure the delivery of every message set in motion to the SMS gateway .

Send SMS API is integrated in software to help flourishing interactions in an IT system. Use of Transactional SMS API is very normal in CRM system, network management systems, workflow management and help desk support systems.

Text messaging software is particularly designed software to send thousands of text messages with a single click of mouse. As you all know that any bulk SMS campaign requires sending thousands of messages and sending these messages by putting each mobile number one by one is not possible therefore specifically made text messaging software is used to deliver thousands of messages by just clicking the mouse. Any text messaging software can simply be downloaded from the Internet and can be run very well with all kinds of operating systems.

Four Factors to Consider While Using Send SMS API

Incorporating bulk SMS into business systems is the most successful method to completely harness the power of bulk SMS. With an elegant interface and clearly deliberated business process, send SMS API can considerably influence business productivity and decrease costs.

For nearly every business, there are four main criteria to get the positive result:

1. Ease of incorporation

There are many service providers who offer software development kits that include everything you need to send SMS and enable your website or application involving sample code and re-usable libraries. These providers support a range of language or environments including .NET, PHP, Java, SOAP/XML. Added code examples in VB.NET, Visual C++, and ASP are offered for the COM API. All of service SMS API are completely tested.

2. Trustworthy service

Send SMS API offers complete redundancy, full reliability and definite uptime. There will always be SMS gateways to make sure back-up is always present and these gateways will allow you to deliver on 100% uptime guarantee.

3. Economical

Bulk SMS service providers offer a range of pricing plans that differ on the basis of volume of messages you deliver on a monthly basis and the level of service you need. For instance, customers who use SMS for mission-critical applications have a need that all their SMS must get through and reach on time; this quality service is a little more costly than the “best efforts service”.

4. 24x7 technical support

A fully featured API includes delivery tracking to handset, web push to allow real-time delivery of inbound messages, reply messages marked to keep in touch to outbound message and HTTPS or SSL safe mode. They have been carefully tested, but if you require any help, then 24/7 technical support is available, if that is what you require.
So, these essential four factors must be considered while you select any send SMS API.

How to Choose an SMS API Provider

SMS has got unprecedented success in the world of mobile and wireless as billions of text messages are delivered every single day, and SMS is now a big revenue generating source for wireless carriers. Many innovative applications are now being developed on top of SMS technology and more are being developed each day. As businesses look to refurbish their marketing techniques and try to reach new and prospective customers, they are taking on SMS, but selecting an SMS API gateway provider has turned out to be somewhat difficult as various companies who want to use their services just don't know what to search for.

The below questions can help businesses or companies choose an SMS API gateway provider:

1. Is the protocol you will be using safe? HTTP + SSL encryption means the data sent over HTTP protocols cannot be perceived by others. With HTTPS, data is encoded before being sent over the Internet protocol, thus it is safe from eavesdropping or hacking.

2. How good is your gateway provider’s network value? Bulk SMS service providers are now providing test service to prospective users, so you can test their network quality.

3. Is the gateway provider's documentation simple to read and comprehend? A well-recognized API and sample code should be provided to developers. This will save lots of precious technical development time. One good method to test the documentation is to use it to integrate a specific feature needed by your SMS application. For instance, you might verify by evaluating the command parameters for delivering concatenated messages to find out if your team can understand the API without extra support from the SMS provider.

4. After that, ask what payment alternatives the gateway provider offers to new clients. Generally, SMS credits can be bought from their websites and various providers support online credit card payments. You will also want to evaluate their web-based account management attributes to see if it is simple to manage your account. Can you identify the user interface? Are the menu items well-planned? Does it have complete reporting to notice messages sent or received?

5. At last, you will want to find out whether the gateway provider offers free messaging for testing purposes or not? You would not integrate any software solution without undertaking it first. In fact, it is more essential because you will be interacting with your customers openly and you want that interaction to go very smoothly to defend your relationship and your status.

There are various transactional SMS gateway providers available if you want to send a transactional SMS campaign to your customers.

Overall, choosing an SMS API provider is very easy if you follow the above methods. So, make a wise choice for the improvement of your business.

Bulk SMS API- An Innovative Method for Successful Business Promotion

HTTP API is one of the most accepted APIs. It allows you to incorporate SMS services into your own application for better working needed by you. Availability of gateway through HTTP API is one of the best and the fastest methods to deliver text messages. The HTTP API can be used to deliver different types of marketing SMS involving short and long text messages.

The bulk SMS API service permits you to automate the sending and receiving of bulk messages by incorporating an SMS service with your business websites, applications, or other software.

1. Direct free integration.

2. All key development environments supported involving PHP, ASP, C#, etc.

3. Send SMS through SMPP, HTTP POST service.

4. Free sample code, tips and hints.

5. Free technical help.

Here are some essential benefits of using bulk SMS API:


  • Bulk SMS gateway or HTTP API can deliver lakhs of messages at a time through any type of application or portal.
  • You can verify the balance of your account with ending date through your application or portal.
  • You can verify the delivery status of your single or group SMS everything in a particular place without logging into your web interface.
  • Unicode API allows you to deliver SMS in various languages.

How does it work?

A request to the bulk SMS API is done by working on a URL with some needed parameters like User ID, Password, Sender ID, Mobile Number, and Message. When a request is done, the API along with all the needed parameters are delivered to SMS gateway server and SMS gateway server process this request and produce response for the specific request right away.

Overall, using the best bulk SMS service provider offers a comprehensive API incorporation document, which instructs you efficiently through the total integration method and also offer extra code scripts for use with all types of programming platforms.