Send OTP SMS Using Bulk SMS Service

One-time password or OTP sent through SMS offers the ease of using a cell phone when appending the security of out-of-band delivery. SMS provides a well-known platform for sending OTP without requiring companies to possess, deal out, or change separate delivery devices.

SMS can also play a significant role for businesses that select to use another kind of OTP device like token. In this case, SMS text delivery is one of the safest ways to verify the token that was primarily sent to an appropriate user, or if the token is misplaced, SMS acts as a dependable solution for sending OTP until the token is restored.

Bulk SMS srvices that deliver OTP SMS provides one additional layer of online safety for you. If your user ID and password have been revealed to a fraudster, the login method will not be completed without an appropriate OTP that is delivered to your recorded mobile number. This stops others from operating your accounts.

Besides being recognizable to the end-user, OTPs through Transactional SMS attribute real out-of-band delivery. Man-in-the-middle and other malware attacks normally hold back password reset effort by cutting off messages between the user and the individual trying to send the new password. By sending OTPs on the mobile network, a Man-in-the-middle attack is incapable of intercepting delivery of the password.There are a large number of OTP service providers that offer  number of features to help you send various messages to various contacts quickly.

You can generally use bulk SMS service to send OTPs, alerts, reminders, marketing messages, etc. And, using a service provider to send OTPs, allows you to deliver messages to mobile phones almost all over the world.