Bulk SMS API- An Innovative Method for Successful Business Promotion

HTTP API is one of the most accepted APIs. It allows you to incorporate SMS services into your own application for better working needed by you. Availability of gateway through HTTP API is one of the best and the fastest methods to deliver text messages. The HTTP API can be used to deliver different types of marketing SMS involving short and long text messages.

The bulk SMS API service permits you to automate the sending and receiving of bulk messages by incorporating an SMS service with your business websites, applications, or other software.

1. Direct free integration.

2. All key development environments supported involving PHP, ASP, C#, etc.

3. Send SMS through SMPP, HTTP POST service.

4. Free sample code, tips and hints.

5. Free technical help.

Here are some essential benefits of using bulk SMS API:


  • Bulk SMS gateway or HTTP API can deliver lakhs of messages at a time through any type of application or portal.
  • You can verify the balance of your account with ending date through your application or portal.
  • You can verify the delivery status of your single or group SMS everything in a particular place without logging into your web interface.
  • Unicode API allows you to deliver SMS in various languages.

How does it work?

A request to the bulk SMS API is done by working on a URL with some needed parameters like User ID, Password, Sender ID, Mobile Number, and Message. When a request is done, the API along with all the needed parameters are delivered to SMS gateway server and SMS gateway server process this request and produce response for the specific request right away.

Overall, using the best bulk SMS service provider offers a comprehensive API incorporation document, which instructs you efficiently through the total integration method and also offer extra code scripts for use with all types of programming platforms.