Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway to Send SMS in Bulk

Let’s start by knowing why a transactional route or gateway is required. If your text messages are transactional in nature, i.e., informing your large number of customers regarding alerts, transactional information, confirmation of orders or one time passwords, then a bulk transactional SMS gateway is essential to send the text messages with no considerations to DND registry or time of the day.

The other type of text messages is known as promotional messages. And, it is significant to note that promotional messages can only be delivered by using promotional route or gateway to non-DND numbers as well as opt-in customers only between 9AM to 9PM.
Features of bulk transactional SMS gateway and customer categories that can use the service:

  • Text messages that communicate details about a direct transaction completed by your customers on a service or product and are requested by the customer or end user
  • Service messages such as bank notifications, railway, airline, and bus ticket booking or reservation detail
  • SMS sent by e-commerce companies in reply to e-commerce transactions done by their customers
  • There is neither DND nor time limitation in sending transactional SMS, i.e., messages can be delivered 24x7 even to DND mobile numbers.
  • Transactional SMS can only be delivered from accounts fixed as transactional accounts, which are allocated to pre-monitored sender ID.

Methods of getting a transactional route

For transactional route, you will have to submit legal security forms, and the permission letter for the sender ID printed on your organization’s letterhead. After the confirmation of documents, the account will be changed to transactional within twenty four hours.
As for penalization, there are not many methods around, for abuse of transactional route because the messages can be delivered only on a permitted template. In any case, if the user is found breaking the law, there will be a monetary penalty obligated according to TRAI norms.

Lastly, if you want more details related to transactional route or business mobile text messaging, then you may try MSG91 Bulk SMS API provider as it is one of the best gateway service providers in India and provides secure transactional as well as promotional routes to clients.