Send SMS from Excel to speed up the process

Even though Excel is popularly used amongst organizations and businesses worldwide, only a few businesses realize that with the use of simple plugin they can combine their Excel spreadsheets with their bulk SMS gateway.

Who all can use bulk SMS Excel plugin?


In general, anyone can send SMS from Excel using a simple plugin, however some of the most common organizations and businesses that can benefit from this plugin include professionals that seriously rely on Spreadsheet apps and need to communicate regularly with their customers. For example, a bookkeeping manager can send out SMS alerts to remind customers to submit their VAT return. An account can send out text messages to remind about due payments. And with 2 way messaging, the customer can reply the account that he has made the payment.

Real estate agents and HR consultancies or recruitment companies are also likely to enjoy the advantages of these combined apps. After all, their job is to promote properties and potential candidates seeking new job opportunities. Usually, they have to send property or job details to people urgently, as quick follow-up action may be required. By bulk messaging, the professional’s message will be sent instantly, yet discreetly and can be read really fast as compared to email.     

These above mentioned organizations and businesses can also use WordPress SMS Plugin if their website is built on WordPress to send messages fast enough without any hassle or switching between various apps. You have to contact your bulk SMS gateway provider to get the required plugin.