How to Send Bulk SMS Using PHP


Text messaging has been widespread all over the world -- to the point where a growing number of web applications have incorporated SMS to inform users of events, sales or coupons straightforwardly through their mobile phones.

Many times we come across a requirement to send SMS from our website to customer, for that we need to buy SMS gateway. Almost all SMS gateways have their credentials on how to use their gateway which at times is not significant or difficult to recognize.


Sending SMS with web application like PHP can be helpful for different purposes. For example, you can improve security by integrating multi-factor authentication system and improve security, recover forgotten passwords, send marketing text messages, inform users about different events and so on. Sending SMS through PHP is very regular need in real-time applications. PHP takes help of different SMS gateway service providers to send SMS in bulk.

Also, if in near future you decide to change your gateway you will need to reiterate the stuff like going through the docs, following their significant steps and modifying your code.


Not just for sending messages, you can use it for various purposes whenever you want two different servers to interact. There are various bulk SMS service providers which give you facility to send SMS using PHP code, but MSG91 is one the best service provider amongst all. You may use SMS gateway provided by MSG91 and integrate it into your PHP code to send bulk SMS.