How transactional SMS is an informative way of texting

Transactional SMS permits quick two-way communication through mobile phones. With a 97% delivery and interpretation rate, SMS messaging is growingly getting recognized as the ideal customer interaction tool.

In order to get transactional SMS such as requests for information, notifications, or other types of alerts, subscriber must give authority or "opt in." Authority can be given by phone, in writing, via a website, or, definitely an SMS. In order to ignore big problem with mobile phone carriers, SMS marketers must get permission before sending commercial or even transactional SMS. There are no exceptions here.

Transactional SMS may be defined in a diversity of applications. For instance, an airline might send SMS notifications when a flight is delayed or canceled. A person may use them to obtain stock quotes, health tips, or to vote their choices in contests.

Additionally, many companies now utilize transactional SMS service provider in India to increase sales. An auto dealership's service department could produce considerable add-on revenues by delivering scheduled SMS alerts for services like oil change, service reminders etc. Transactional SMS payment reminders are a very popular and economical method of communication.

Transactional SMS gateway plugin allocated to the categories below:

  • Registered organizations
  • Registered banks as well as financial organization
  • Insurance organization
  • Credit card companies
  • Registered education institutions (only for sending details to parents)
  • Airlines and railways (only for sending notes and PNR information for passengers)
  • Stock market notifications (only for registered clients)
  • E-Commerce website delivering a response to e-commerce transactions by their clients.

Transactional SMS are convenient for service providers as they can quickly link to their addressee’s with it and the send update to them in minutes, delivering the text even on DND numbers put in more advantageous points.