Contact Form 7 Plugin- The most popular WordPress Plugin

Any Website, Blog or service is not complete without including a contact form. A contact form or page is essentially, where your viewers can contact you. When we talk about WordPress, there are different contact form WordPress plugins and one of the easiest is Contact form 7 plugin. This plugin is like copy, paste, activate and ready to use plugin. This plugin is a WordPress Email form plugin that is helpful to append contact form on WordPress contact page.

If you are having a WordPress website, whether it is a blog or a fixed website, a contact form is a helpful addition to the website. In place of asking your viewers to communicate you through mail, you can give a contact form page and inquire your users to provide feedback or send queries through form.

WordPress contact form 7 plugin comes with different contact form alternatives and you can insert extra field, for instance if you require getting phone number of the sender, then you can insert one more field into your contact form without difficulty. Also, you can post data from Google sheets.

The Contact Form 7 plugin is yet one more form plugin, but its most important feature is that it is very simple to employ. Some of its essential features that make it a clear winner are:

  • Overall customizability via easy mark-up
  • Simple line and various alternatives
  • Helpful and complete credentials
  • AJAX compliance
  • Deference reaches to mailbox