Sending SMS alerts or notification for business promotion

An accessible layout of SMS notifications allows you to inform your clients regarding order verification, delivery, cancellation, failed, refund, latest product introduction, proclamation or sale. You can deliver all these notifications personally via extension or in groups by making groups on SMS notifications! Therefore, it allows you to deal with each procedure with a serenity of mind. It also lets you time and manage your server use. It does not matter eve


n if you have a recently introduced shop or a well-set up business, you can employ this extension anytime.

SMS notification extension is a fast, suitable and economical method to increase the competence of your Magento store. The Magento SMS notification extension tool allows you to deliver notification SMS and authorize your shop in just a few clicks. Handling storefront operations has never been so simpler with SMS. 

SMS notification allows businesses to alert their clients via text messages in real-time. There is no requirement to go via complicated SMS gateway incorporation or long processes. It also permits businesses to intend DND numbers.

Apart from it, Java SMS API, PHP SMS API, bulk SMS notification, etc., are some different methods by which businesses can promote their business.

The easy to use interface permits you to handle your campaigns beneath single API. MSG91 has a team of highly capable engineers with huge experience in the niche. They can assist you in notification extension development all over different platforms for e-commerce and various businesses.