What a Bulk SMS WordPress Plugin Provides Its Users?

If you have ever wished to add text SMS functionality to your website or application, then there are many solutions present in the market. They are rationally priced and have an exceptional API.

The plugin first and foremost allows a WordPress developer to increase its settings and functionality and incorporate it into any type of website. For instance, it can simply be increased to send a text SMS on practically any WordPress action.

The plugin also involves functionality to directly deliver a text SMS to any permitted number from the plugin settings page. You can use it to deliver SMS any of your users or just for checking reasons.

Here is a list of things what the plugin offers out of the box:

  • Customized function to simply send text messages to any number (involving international ones)
  • Functionality to directly deliver a text message to any allowed number from the plugin settings page
  • Fasteners to add extra tabs on the plugin settings page to permit to manage all SMS settings from the same page
  • Fundamental logging ability to keep record of up to one hundred entries
  • Mobile Phone user field added to each profile
  • Make URLs short by using Google URL Shortener API

The MSG91 SMS notifications & bulk SMS WordPress plugin allows blog’s visitors to sign up to get text message alerts whenever a new post is inserted. The plug-in incorporates with MSG91 SMS marketing platform and makes users to sign up to your mobile list through text message via a keyword on a short code. You can also send them text SMSes from an admin panel whenever you akin to.