How SMS gateway helps in two-factor authentication

Online SMS service providers play a significant role in two factor authentication whereas employing Internet banking for safety cause. Banks, android application, payment gateway and any cash card associated organizations deliver an OTP SMS to user’s listed mobile number before money deal to make safer money transactions.

A one-time password is a unique routinely created password that is suitable only for single login session with the strength of restricted time period. User gets this OTP through SMS on their listed mobile number as a large number of people use mobile phone and it is aggressively looked after.

OTP verification is involuntarily produced code via technical skill between online SMS API of SMS gateway India and client’s application. There are SMS gateways that fast push the OTP SMS that has been produced from client application on their data that is highly secured and ensure that only allowed users should have admittance to the one-time password.

The SMS delivery time is based on the SMS gateway that you use offered by service providers, on an average if you will find dependable SMS gateway for quick automation of OTP.

You require taking suitable quality check before using SMS gateway API for OTP verification:

  • OTP SMS sending should be quick.
  • Authoritative SMS API.
  • Manifold carrier alternatives.
  • Real-time SMS delivery details
  • Simple API integration

Thus, you need to select SMS gateway API that is developer responsive, consistent, best, safe and should have manifold connectivity.