Personalize E-commerce with Magento SMS Integration

To ease your customers with the service of SMS combination, Magento SMS integration extension is employed. At any time for any new event associated with the order occurrences, this integration extension alerts the admin as well as the client through SMS so that order details can be checked.

Key features:

Helps the management to keep linked with their customers.

Alerts the customer when the new order is to be found.

Alerts the customer when the order status gets modified.

Alerts the customer and the administrator when the customer signs up effectively.

This integration extension is used to deliver SMS to the customer and administrator by making use of the gateway.

Features Offered to Customer:

When any customer signs up effectively, SMS is delivered to them.

When any customer buys the product and puts order, SMS is sent to them.

When the customer abandons order, SMS is delivered to them.

SMS is delivered to the customer when the order is accounted.

SMS is sent to customer when the order is sent.

Administrator and customers stay linked by using this addon.

Features Offered to Administrator:
When a new customer signs up then administrator get alerted by SMS.
When any order is put, the admin gets text alert.
When the payment for an order is established and order position is changed, the admin gets alert by SMS.

Some other methods of sending SMS are also available such as sending SMS using Java, PHP, HTTP API, bulk SMS API, etc.